The benefits of Social Media for your business

It cannot have escaped anyone’s notice in the entire world that the use of social media has become a huge part of society. It is an essential source of information for our working and leisure lives. It has also become a way that products can be marketed at little cost and also directly to the point of customer contact. Television is no longer the guaranteed way to reach people with product advertising, especially as the large televised event can be view on streaming, ad free, services and radio is slowly replaced by download and streaming service such as Spotify and Apple Music (which can also be ad free). Social media represents a brilliant way to get your service or product out to people and we’ll look at the most popular ones here. It’s difficult tying to get through the huge amounts of platforms to find the right one for you so the services of this Social Media Agency Cardiff company should be valuable and helpful. Give them a click to see how they can help you. Let’s look at the platforms.

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  1. It’s no surprise that this is the number social media used platform. It’s more than likely you have a page yourself, even if you don’t update it. Can you imagine your product or service reaching over 2 billion people? Facebook is by far the market leader, but it is having to face off against stiff competition and its not got so much of youth vote anymore as the older generation X’s and even Baby Boomers are cottoning on to using it and seeing its potential.
  1. You tube. It may well have killed the CD industry, or certainly greatly reduced its capacity but You tube is not just about music videos. It features old films, old tv shows, clips and Vlogs from people who can command viewing figures that tv executives can only dream about. Slip an Ad in halfway or at the start and you could be reaching an audience of nearly 2 billion people.

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  1. It has an impressive 8 million users and its become the youth orientated platform. You can fire off videos and photos to friends so that you followers can see it immediately giving them updates.
  1. Qzone and Weibo. If you want to reach China, then this is the place to be. Qzone is the largest social media site and Weibo the Government authorised internet. It is strictly regulated by the Chinese authorities.
  1. With 336 million users the power of Twitter is said to be waning all though it seems that Donald Trump is trying the buck that trend.

These are just the most popular but there are numerous other platforms that still command users in their hundreds of millions such as Reddit, Pinterest and Linkedin for business professional and their profiles. Interested? Give the link a click and get your marketing on the social media platforms now.

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