Keys to Understanding Personal Finance

To define what the personal finance by reading and following each of the topics listed below, and if in one of the paragraphs you go a little bland, I recommend you references.

Record keeping

One of the basics of personal finance is record keeping. This means keeping a record of all your financial transactions. It refers to what you want, what you spend, your savings (if any), insurance, etc.


Record keeping can be simple or complex. Some people keep track of the money they earn. Others will find this very complicated method to record figures for a weekly or even monthly control.

Record keeping will help you understand what your financial situation now and how has progressed over time. It will also be a valuable contribution to the planning process. Without it, it is virtually impossible to know where you are.


The budget could be considered similar to the maintenance of records. The budget is the practice of estimating future revenues and compensation expenses. This way you can see what the surplus or deficit of each month. We also help with planning your investments or to identify future problems that may arise. Keep reading

Financial situation

Another key area of personal finance is your financial situation. As record keeping and budgeting, your statement of financial position is a necessary tool to fulfill your financial goals.

It is a document listing your assets and your liabilities and a surplus is expected in assets for debt relief.

Credit and personal debt

The situation of debts, is another very broad in personal finance topic. Many of us can not go through life without having to resort to some kind of debt. Whether a mortgage to finance the purchase of a house, a personal loan to buy a car, or credit card debt; most of us will be in debt at one time or another.

There are different types of debts. Borrowing money to finance investments can be a powerful tool for generating wealth. However payday loans and other forms of cash advance should be avoided if possible.

Savings and / or investment

Saving money is something we all need to perform. Saving enough money, it helps us to have a fund for times of emergency, provides a financial channel in unforeseen circumstances.

You can also save for your children’s education, or maybe even for a trip abroad. Making good use of the budget, we indicate the necessary amount of money we spend each month, for a successful saving.

Then, once you have accumulated some savings, you can find ways to invest. The investment is a complex area with many products available. You can buy stocks, real estate or an investment fund. You can even invest in non-financial as wine or art assets.

The investment is the way to take their accumulated to make the best use savings, and thus grow their wealth to long term.

Insurance and taxes

Insurance have much to do with personal finances, is one reason to put your personal finances in order, and are used in a catastrophic event happens to you. That’s why insurance is essential and important part of personal finance.

Whether your home insurance, your income, your car, your health or even your life, these are all reasons for you to make sure, and be prepared for the worst that will arise.

Another part of personal finance is taxes. Almost nobody likes paying taxes, but with careful planning and good financial advice, you could minimize the amount of taxes to be paid.

And in turn be able to better organize our personal finances, we may also be able to reduce our taxes and thus include more money for savings and investment.

Retirement Planning

For some people, retirement is the point of all finances. You need to ensure that savings have increased enough so that once you leave your job or your work life, be paid correctly.

And to have a comfortable retirement. It is important to master While each of the above issues, and trying to implement them in our way of life, to enjoy big retirement.

Planning Heritage

They say death and taxes are the two certainties in life. Although some people do not like to think about their own mortality, it is important to consider their heritage.

Think about how you will distribute. A little planning and foresight can lessen some of the financial concerns of this difficult time.

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