Six reasons to use WordPress

If you thought that WordPress was simply a blogging platform, then it’s time to take another look at the software. It may have begun life as an easy way for bloggers to get online, but nowadays, it’s the most popular platform in the world for creating websites.

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It’s not just for small businesses either. As Forbes pointed out in an online article, their site is built using WordPress, which boasts a powerful CMS, enabling business owners to take control of their own content. And if that’s not reason enough to consider it as the platform for your next website, here are six further reasons why it could be the perfect fit for your needs.

1. It’s free

As an open-source program, WordPress is free to download and use. You’ll probably have to pay for some themes and plugins, depending on your site, but it’s still much cheaper than asking a developer to build you a complete website from scratch.

2. It’s flexible

WordPress offers something for just about everyone, so whether you’re planning a basic blog, a brochure website or a multi-functional site with thousands of pages, the platform allows you to create the website that you dream of.

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3. It’s secure

Regular updates fix any security problems as soon as they are identified, making it a safe and secure environment for your company’s precious data. With a huge community of dedicated WordPress fans and expert users constantly creating new features and add-ons, you don’t have to worry about hackers or security leaks.

4. It’s easy to use

It’s best to get an experienced web designer to create your initial site, and plenty of web experts specialise in WordPress, such as the Yorkshire web design agency, But once it’s up and running, it’s childsplay to add, alter and delete content without having to pay your designer every time that you want to make a change.

5. It’s endlessly customisable

With a huge number of themes and plugins, it’s easy to create a completely bespoke website, so your website will have a completely individual look and feel to it.

6. It’s search engine friendly

Every website needs to be picked up by the search engines and ranked highly in order to attract visitors. WordPress is highly compatible with Google, making it easy to organise your SEO campaign.

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