What is ear trauma and ear injury?

Injury can occur to any part, such as the middle ear or the external ear. It also includes the ear canal. A blow to the head can damage the inner ear and middle ear. A loud noise, a change in air pressure, or foreign objects inside the ear can also cause an ear injury. Ear wax impaction can also be uncomfortable. For Ear wax removal Poole, visit www.earwax.co.uk/ear-wax-removal-near-me/poole/

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Accidents can cause damage to your eardrum, cartilage, and skin surrounding your ear. The eardrum is located in the middle ear. It’s a passageway made of cartilage, skin, and bone. The eardrum, a thin membrane protecting your ear against bacteria and conducting sound, is located in the middle ear.

These injuries may cause bleeding as well as ear pain and balance issues. They can also lead to hearing loss. Seek medical attention immediately if you’ve suffered a head trauma and have blood coming out of your ear.

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What types of ear injuries are there?

Middle or inner ear injuries can be severe and affect hearing. Most common injuries that occur inside the ear are:

  • Broken bones: In serious accidents, the bones of the middle ear may fracture or dislocate. This injury is usually associated with facial and jaw fractures. These bones are called “hearing bones” or ossicles. This injury may require surgical repair.
  • Foreign object: These injuries are more common in children and occur when a pencil or toy is inserted too far into an ear. These injuries may cause the eardrum to rupture or even split.
  • Perforated eardrum: Trauma, loud sounds, severe infections, and foreign objects may cause a ruptured membrane. An eardrum can tear due to a sudden drop in air pressure when you are flying in an airplane, or from pressure changes while scuba diving. You should consult a doctor immediately if you feel dizzy and clear fluid is leaking from your ear.

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