Chromebooks are already a threat to the dominance of Windows and the iPad in education, according to IDC

If there is a market, however large, in which we can look for when you have a large picture of how the situation in the world of computers in the education sector, I would say that is the USA. There, last year this segment represented a market of more than 7,000 million.

IDC has presented data that define us pretty well who is who in the sector of schools, universities and schools who buy laptops, desktops and tablet for their students.

ChromebookApple who’s winning, who’s Microsoft sells Chromebooks and the fastest growing

In the IDC report for the year 2014, the segment of the equipment of the education sector accounted for an overall 7,000 billion, a 33 percent increase in sales compared to 2013. In total IDC estimates were 13.2 million for education teams, with tablet, laptops, desktops and all in one in the group.

And who dominates the sector? For anyone and everyone. The distribution of the cake varies we look at profits, units placed on the market or growth. And they all have to cheer.

According to IDC, the presence of the iPad and other portable and desktop computers higher cost, Apple is the company that takes on the form of performance benefits. His is almost half of what the educational, private or public sector spends on equipment. If you look at units sold, there’s Windows devices have the largest market share, with nearly 5 million devices in 2014, representing 40% rub. Apple is not far away and in 2014 obtained 32% of the market, with 4.2 million devices in schools.

What is left to the Chromebooks? Well it is the fastest growing precisely in the sector in which further seem to have . In the US they were up 310 percent and now account for 3.9 million units, while the iPad for example has reduced its presence and lowered from 2.9 to 2.7 million units in the US education sector.

Forecasts for this year, with much more variety and quality models (keeping the price as key attraction), are even better. According to data from IDC in the first half of 2015 and has sold 2.4 million of Chromebooks by 2.2 million Windows-based computers.

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