Six Property Viewing Turn-offs

When selling a home, you could have the most idyllic location, perfect pricing on the market and the best conveyancing solicitors Maidstone, but there won’t be a sale if the property viewing deters your prospective buyers.
You may not be able to control your potential buyers’ opinions on the local area or the neighbours, but it’s your responsibility to make the property as attractive to these buyers as possible.

This first in-person impression is the most important one, so we’ve compiled the six most important turn-offs at a property viewing – that you can control – to help you maximise your chances of a sale.


A house filled with beautiful décor won’t mean a thing if a single damp patch lurking in the corner of the room catches someone’s eye during the property viewing.

According to GoCompare, 69% of people agree that dampness is a major turn-off, revealing signs of poor management and potential damage to damp-proofing measures or guttering.

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Carrying on from dampness, bad smells – from dampness, wet dog or cigarette smoke – can be one of the worst variables in a property viewing, deterring more than 63% of buyers, but it’s also one of the easiest to amend.

Air fresheners and thorough cleaning of any carpets and floors can fix most odour problems, but it’s important to stay on top of this, as foul odours can perniciously creep back in without your noticing them.

Incomplete Properties

Over half of homebuyers said unfinished building work was one of the biggest put-offs in a property viewing, indicating further unexpected costs that the property may incur.

Online conveyancers can help with finalising property handovers and illuminating any potential extra costs for buyers and sellers, such as the services.

This kind of turn-off also overlaps with our next entry.

Shoddy DIY Work

Attempts to quickly fix the house up will not go unnoticed by buyers: wonky table legs, poorly applied wallpaper, flimsy door hangings. These can be a sign of neglect to buyers and will only raise questions, doubts and uncertainty around the property.

Safety Issues

Figures from Dataloft reveal that two-thirds of buyers won’t even consider the property if there are potentially major risks, such as exposed wires. Make sure your house isn’t a deathtrap when trying to market it, and get it professionally repaired in advance.

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General Disrepair

Finally, general disrepair of the property – such as cracks, peeling paintwork and stains – can display a lack of care for the property, similar to the other entries.

These issues can all be easily fixed in most cases, so make sure your property is presentable and you should be securing your sale in no time.

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