Social media plan: A Practical Guide step by step

Take the case you just start with your company or you’re starting out, consider important to be on social networks and know that “being” is simply not enough to get a tangible benefit. On the other hand, you do not have resources to sign a community manager, not to do it an agency and of course there is no time or money to make a good course that allows you to start with the necessary knowledge.

Some of these 3 options above would be the ideal but your reality does not allow it. If you’re “just before the danger” you can apply a “law of minimum” to make a social media master plan, at least you will not do as many companies are launched without first having solved some of the basic questions:

  • What are your goals?
  • What social networks should I be? I have of course not had to be in all?
  • What is the target for my product or service? Where I can find my potential client?
  • What will be my tone, content types or formats that will use?

The 4 basic steps you have them in the following photo…

Social media plan A Practical Guide step by stepPhases of a social media plan

Seen a little above the steps throughout this plan mainly it consists of 4 phases:

1- Stage observation: In this stage you’ll devote to analyze the following points:

– First make an analysis of your own company. To do this you can do a SWOT (weaknesses, threats, strengths and opportunities) and take away what will be the attribute or key attributes you want to communicate in social media. So you can think a little more about this methodology I leave the following video:

– Then you do some benchmarking: What your competition is doing currently? One of the most interesting is to know what is working well and why. Analysis of your competitors you can save some things that you know will not work.

2- Operation phase: Once you’ve done some research practice can come to address the following points:

– “Target” your audience: The big question, where are my potential customers in social networks? Where to move? First you have to solve in what social networks you should be and how to find within each users worth seeking interaction.

– Set clear goals and metrics for the proper functioning of social media plan: If you have set what you want to achieve with these actions and tools needed to know if you’re going in the right direction you’re really firing “on air”.

3- Execution stage: And at this point, you could say you’ve done “homework” to start setting specific actions according to all the strategy outlined in the above points:

– Planning actions and campaigns to make

– Publication Schedule

4- Stage evaluation and control: When you already have everything up and running you just need a tool to have everything centralized and go optimizing the results according to the goals you had set. This tool is a dashboard for your social media plan.

With these four very clear stages can approach a little closer to the task that would do for you a professional social media, it will not be the same but better this than throwing everything the social media ocean without thinking a little about how you want to achieve your goals.

Did you find this information been useful? Do you consider effective to carry out this social media plan?

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