Classic Car Restoration 101: Tips from the Experts

Millions of people have a passion for classic cars which they indulge either by admiring the icons of motoring’s illustrious history at shows, or by taking the plunge and actually investing in a vintage vehicle.

Classic Car Restoration 101

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Major shows take place throughout the warmer months of the year, attracting tens of thousands of visitors and allowing owners to showcase their prized autos in front of the crowds.

If you are a classic car owner or are thinking about becoming one, then making your vehicle look its best and keeping it in tip top condition will be key concerns. To help you out, here are some restoration tips that will bring the sheen back to your dream machine.

Seek Out the Manual

Relying on guesswork can be a bad idea when attempting to maintain or restore a classic car, so to avoid mistakes, it is best to try and get hold of the manual used at the factory to assist with assembly.

Some manuals will be available in a digital form online, although you may have to buy a physical copy or even head to your local library in the case of a particularly rare model.

Invest in Preservation

When restoring a classic car there may be a temptation to throw out the old, tarnished components and replace them with new reproduction parts. This is not only highly expensive, but it is also entirely unnecessary in most cases.

If you live in Cambridge powder coating alloy wheels with the help of firms like will let you bring back the lustre to the original parts without ditching them altogether.

Scratched, smeared windscreens can be buffed back to life and stainless steel trim can be hammered back into shape. While you may need the help of experts to achieve this, it will still be cheaper than buying entirely new parts.

Since some classics can be worth hundreds of thousands of pounds, or in some cases millions, making these restorative efforts is common sense.

Be Rigorous

The quality of the work you do to restore a classic car is important, but could all be for nothing if you have not paid attention to the details that matter.

Getting the right door handles, gear stick, steering wheel and other details when repairing and replacing parts is crucial.

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