Electric Gates For Small Spaces

Some gate designs require lots of space. Swing gates are a good example. To open, each leaf must swing 90 degrees inwards. These gates are beautiful and can enhance the aesthetics of a home, but they also take up space. They’re also susceptible to being rammed.

You may think that an automatic gate is impossible if your home doesn’t offer enough space. There are several gate designs which are space saving and suitable for confined spaces. They will protect your vehicles and property while giving you more breathing room. Consider these space-saving designs for gates.

Bi-folding gates

Bi-folding gates are a good option for properties which cannot accommodate a standard gate. Comparing swing gates, this type of gate takes up only a quarter the space. As the gate opens, each of its leaves is folded in half. The gate opens in three to seven seconds, which is twice the speed of conventional gates. For an Electric Gate Company Gloucester, visit https://completegateautomation.co.uk/

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The bi-folding gate is the perfect solution for city dwellers who have to leave their homes frequently. They can be customised to your needs and constructed using the same materials used for swing gates. You can achieve the same level of sophistication while using a space-saving design. Choose between black steel finials or solid wood gates for privacy.

Telescopic gates

Telescopic gates are the next gate that we can use to save space. The sliding gate is made up of two or three parts that overlap each other when the gate is opened. It is perfect for homes with small driveways, as the gate only requires a minimal amount of space to open.

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The telescopic gate is more secure than a swinging gate because it can be opened faster and does not allow for ramming. Telescopic gates, like other gate styles, can be customised to meet your preferences.

Turning gates

The design of this gate combines elements from both sliding gates and folding gates. The gate opens quickly by sliding it around a corner using a track. You can choose between two different variations. The first has two panels with a single track at either end. The panels are opened to both the left and the right, until they sit parallel to the car on each side. The other variant has hinged sections which are pulled round a bend. The sections end up resting on either one side or both, in the same position as the vehicle. These hinged sections are more compact than other options, allowing for more room around the front of the vehicle. If you opt for a gate which retracts only to one side, you will need more space in the driveway because it is wider.

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