A Busy Restaurant, Café of Bar from the Customer’s Point of View

When you have taken the time to book a meal for yourself, family or friends, at a well-known, reputable Restaurant you go there expecting good food and to be served by experienced, well-presented, knowledgeable, friendly Staff.  Even if the Hospitality Venue you have chosen is busy you don’t expect to be kept waiting once you’ve been seated at your table. Having perused the food and drinks menus and decided what you all want to eat and drink you sit back, chat and wait for the Front-of-House Team to come and take your order. When you have chosen a Venue that has a modern, Restaurant Pager System installed, (that’s been obtained from a professional business such as dinggly.com/sectors-and-applications/kitchen-and-restaurant-pager-system), you will be able to take control over when the Waiting Team come and take your order.

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No more trying desperately to attract the attention of the busy staff, they all carry a small tablet or mobile phone and when you press the button that’s discreetly positioned on your table, they will know you are ready to order and immediately attend to your needs. Outside or in, upstairs or down, through thick walls and several rooms, these Smart Systems continue to operate successfully.

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Enhancing your experience as a customer and ensuring you will not only leave a positive review but you will return again and again, these Smart Systems work equally well in busy Cafes, Bars and Pubs.

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