Salaries of Community Managers in the US, considerably higher

We travel through a certainly strange cycle; while in our country unemployment continues to rise uncontrollably showing the exhaustion of the systems, there are professions that follow their escalation and observe triumphant as they are quoted upwards in a relationship inversely proportional to that experienced in traditional labor markets.

Community Manager, SEO Consultant and SEM Experts, are new professions that arise from online businesses and since last March 2010 have not done more than experiencing positive growth, while the debacle continues in the traditional labor market.

Analyzing the figures presented by the most competitive online portals in terms of jobs, we find that -only during 2010- nearly 25,000 new jobs related to online business were created.

An increasing demand that implicitly implies higher salaries than those contemplated in the traditional professions.

The data that come to us from a study prepared by the association of digital economy, inform that the salary of new professionals is 21% higher than those who perform their professions outside the Internet.

Thus, the Community managers are at the moment in a salary band that ranges between 21,000 and 28,000 euros. Relevant data especially if we take into account that the demand of these professionals has experienced a boom of 28% in technology companies, 12% in advertising agencies, 10.3% in Human Resources and 7% for consultants.

Speaking of the requirements that candidates must meet, they seem to be very clear; 63.5% of the offers request:

  • University education
  • 12 month experience
  • English management

The new profiles contemplate a social component hitherto unknown, this is because they are too innovative and the educational models have not updated their programs to the new labor reality, this is why the qualities and aptitudes play such a decisive role as the specific training.

United States, pioneer of the new professions

According to the association of digital economy, the difference between the wages that companies in the United States pay their new professionals compared to Spain or other countries of the European Union, remains abysmal.

Thus, a Community manager in the United States can reach a salary band close to 110,000 euros per year without major obstacles.

To conclude, it is very important to keep in mind that these are not the only profiles that are in vogue at this time, SEO consultants specifically those who have specific knowledge in international Web positioning, are consolidated as professionals for whom a boom is expected. big dimensions

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