How to deliver a digital marketing strategy on a budget

Traditional marketing tended to be a very expensive business. Newspaper print adverts could cost up to £50,000 for a full-page regional advert, while TV advertising or ‘out of house’ billboard advertising could easily run into the hundreds of thousands of pounds; however, digital marketing is different. Not only is digital marketing hugely powerful and responsive but also it tends to be more cost effective. This is thanks to intelligent licence and subscription usage models, cloud based deployment, and even ‘free’ platforms funded by paid-for advertising packages.  Of course there are larger agencies out there than can help like brand innovation agency if you do have a decent investment, but for those out there who don’t as of yet here are some tips to help.

How to deliver a digital marketing strategy on a budget

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If you are looking to develop a digital marketing strategy on a budget, then you will find plenty of scope.

A website

Modern website template systems such as WordPress or Umbraco make it easier for small businesses to build a cost-effective website within a far smaller budget. These sites use templates that can be customised to suit and plug-in software to deliver the applications you want on your site. You will find great web design in Nottingham and throughout the country.

Email marketing

MailChimp and CampaignMonitor are just two of the many solutions available commercially to business owners. The user simply signs up to a pricing plan, uploads customer data or integrates the system with the business’s CRM, and uses a simple design interface to upload digital assets such as imagery. There are also suggested templates to use and customise for real ease.


Many apps are developed for under £5,000 and this does not have to be an expensive route to market.
Social networks

Social networks are a great tool for digital engagement, with platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn free for businesses to use. You can choose to buy PPC advertising to target customer groups, but this is optional. Costed packages may emerge in future; however, this is likely to be for value-added services, such as the much publicised ‘buy now’ button functionalities that will sit within certain platforms in the near future and provide a direct route to market.

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