What to Do to Prepare for an MOT

Before you go for an MOT test, it is important that you check your vehicle yourself beforehand. You would be surprised at how many cars fail their MOT because of simple things that can be put right yourself before you go for the test.

An MOT test should be done annually by a professional like this MOT Gloucester based company www.123carandcommercial.com/gloucester-mots/ on any vehicle that is over three years old that is going to be driven on the road. Here are some of the things that you can do to prepare for it…

Check Oil and Screen wash – This is an easy thing to check – lift the bonnet and check both the oil and the screen wash and top up if necessary.

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Check your Tyres – Your tyres are very important for the safety of the vehicle as the point of contact with the road. Check that the tread depth of the tyre is within the legal limits, and also make sure that the tyres are inflated to the correct pressure.

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Check your number plate – Your number plate needs to be visible and clear. As well as making sure that the car number plate is firmly attached to the vehicle, you also need to make sure that the number plate is clean and can clearly be read.

Check the Windscreen – Your windscreen needs to be clear and not have any obstructions, and should also be clean. You should also check it for chips and cracks and get them repaired if necessary.

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