Accenture and Adchemy come together to create a new digital marketing platform

Accenture and Adchemy have formalized an international alliance to help their clients create more effective digital experiences aimed at their final consumers. As a result of this agreement, Accenture will acquire a minority equity stake in Adchemy.

In this way, Accenture Interactive -a company launched by Accenture last September- expands its capacity to help companies develop a Digital Marketing strategy, from the creation of Internet marketing capabilities, optimization of online marketing investments and off line, to reinforce the development and management of their websites. Recently, Procter & Gamble became Accenture Interactive’s main customer through a multi-year agreement whereby Accenture will be P & G’s leading provider of infrastructure and Internet technology services.

Accenture and Adchemy will offer a business technology platform in which Accenture provides software, methodologies in terms of best practices and consulting services -including analytics, web development and digital managed services-. Adchemy, for its part, will provide its relationship management technology to the mass public, covering the area of ​​creating relationships with anonymous consumers before they become customers.

Most companies face significant obstacles when it comes to adapting their marketing strategy in the digital channel to each segment of the public. In addition, functional departments often have their own isolated relationships with their audiences, forcing the relationship to virtually restart with each point of contact with the consumer. The Adchemy platform is used by clients to manage the marketing experience in a global way, allowing personalized and continuous interactions to maximize their involvement and conversion.

The Adchemy platform will be integrated into Accenture’s IDP (Intelligent Digital Platform), a solution that combines technology and analytics to study consumer behavior and offer an attractive web experience. Both platforms are combined so that for the first time marketing professionals will be allowed to optimize the complete consumer experience in all major forms of marketing both on and off the Internet.

“Our strategic investment in this new alliance will allow our joint clients to take advantage of ARM (Public Relations Management) technology to manage the consumer experience from purchasing media and advertisements to visiting the website and finally, to the sale “, according to Tim Breene, global partner of Accenture’s Strategic Initiatives.

“New digital channels, such as searches, have been dominated by new entrants and very few of the Fortune 1000 companies have taken full advantage of new digital opportunities,” said Murthy Nukala, president and CEO of Adchemy. “Many large companies have unique business needs, technological hurdles, complex integration and outsourcing requirements. Our alliance offers these clients a trusted partner with experience in technology, outsourcing and strategy to fully achieve success in digital marketing. “

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