Why great photos are essential for a successful property sale

Pictures paint a thousand words, as the saying goes. Grabbing people’s attention – and keeping it – is essential if you are trying to sell your house. The best way to attract their eye is through great photos. Here’s why.

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Higher offers and quicker sales

First impressions count and in an online world where there are thousands of properties for sale, yours has to stand tall. When property buyers are looking for their ideal properties, both online or in an estate agent’s window, they make up their mind within seconds which ones to view. That’s why you need to have the most photos possible to showcase your home. Get the photos right and grab more attention, which could mean more offers and a quicker sale.

How photos help to sell a home

Buyers will spend just 20% of their time reading a listing description but 60% of their time looking at the photographs, according to the Wall Street Journal. You also have just two seconds to grab someone’s attention if your listing doesn’t have a photo and 20 seconds if it does have a photo.

Bring in the professionals

Property listings which include high-quality images can sell for more, again, according to the Wall Street Journal. They also sell faster and receive up to 118% more views online. It is worth investing in a professional photographer because they know how to use the light in rooms, use angles to show off a room to its best advantage and work with the best features of a property. No more dark rooms or strange shapes! A marketing agency in Cheltenham will help you market – and photograph – properties to make sure they attract the right attention. The right Marketing Agency in Cheltenham will be able to provide the copy and images to lead to a successful property sale.

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Preparing a property for a photo shoot

People want to imagine themselves and their belongings in your home, so declutter. This can also make rooms look larger. Make sure walls and windows are clean. Make sure outside shots are included, particularly if you have a lovely garden or are close to an attractive feature, such as a river or lovely town square. Another tip? Have a photo showing the front door is open – ready to welcome visitors!

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