Mobile phones have changed the rules of the email marketing game

How many of us look at our email more than once a day? Surely the vast majority, and surely we do it first thing in the day or when our works allow us to have a free space …

These were the classic considerations that were made before the arrival of smartphones in our pockets. Right now with our mobile phones we have full access to our inboxes and as shown by the infographics below, corresponding to the study done by colleagues of Email Monks, which have collected data from more than 205 million emails opened and tracked by Litmus Email Analytics last month; 43% of emails are read from mobile devices and this data is expected to grow by up to 50% by the end of 2013.

Mobile phones have changed the rules of the email marketing gameWe can see that compared to computers, emails seen from mobile devices are almost 20% more.

For companies that want to develop campaigns that have email marketing strategy, some of the data that shows us the graphics are very important:

  • 73% of US users see their emails through their mobile phone. In the United Kingdom users already exceed 60%.
  • 43% of users see their email four or more times a day.
  • iPhone is the email client with the highest percentage of mail opening with almost 23%.
  • The mobile phone is the device preferred by users to see emails on weekends and the preferred time range is in the morning before 10 and in the evenings between 16 and 18 hours.

All these data come to reflect clearly that the rules of the game of email marketing have changed and we must change with them.

To carry out the strategy of email marketing thinking about mobile from the beginning and without stopping to think about our public since as we can also see in the infographics, about 40% of the users usually read their emails in the mobile phones because the line of Matter is more attractive and why it helps them to update their mail and keep abreast of it continuously.

What most attracts users’ eyes to the subject lines of their emails on mobile phones are messages of offers and promotions while newsletters are the least attractive topics.

With all these factors in mind, adapting emails with a responsive design, a design that adapts to all the screens that makes our emails attractive to each and every device from which they are viewed, is the best solution. It is also an inexpensive solution and would improve the ROI of our campaigns differing from the competition noticeably since up to now, as shown in the graphics, 75% of companies do not perform their email marketing in this way.

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