Email marketing maintains its relevance among companies but requires better analysis

The basis of the effectiveness of an action of e-mail marketing is to verify if the shipment has reached its recipient, well, this data goes unnoticed for 16% of the companies. This is confirmed by a survey conducted by Retourn Path to more than 300 top marketing executives. In fact, only 41% of them recognize access to this information.

Email marketing maintains its relevance among companies but requires better analysisThese are the weaknesses that prevent companies from achieving greater effectiveness in their marketing campaigns: 26% of professionals would like to know how to optimize their e-mailing actions, while 24% of them have problems analyzing the results of their campaigns.There are also clear gaps in the measurement of return on investment in this type of campaign, mainly due to the lack of qualified personnel and budget to devote to this task.

Objectives of companies during this year

The survey has also been interested in knowing the objectives established during this year in this area. Thus we have been able to know that a third of the companies proposed to consult the data provided by the statistics and use them to optimize the sending of their campaigns.A similar percentage has shown its purpose of achieving a better segmentation of its audience, taking into account the quantitative data of its metrics. These figures are also used by another 35% to analyze the trends, which helps companies to increase the relevance of their shipments, using a more attractive content, adapted to users.

Purposes for next year

Regarding the proposals for improvement for the new course, 35% of marketing executives plan to use professional tools and services to improve the efficiency in sending their campaigns, while 32% is decided to use predictive analytics techniques to determine consumer trends.

In short, the priority interests of these professionals are focused on the analysis and evaluation of data, as a way to better know the users and optimize their messages, using for it all the tools and resources at their fingertips.

E-mailing is one of the most effective techniques to reach users; companies must invest in new advances in prospecting and analysis of trends and results so that their e-mailing campaigns are increasingly successful. Do you carry out email marketing campaigns? Do you know if your users receive your message in their inbox?

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