Why there are Doors in Monsters Inc?

If you are a keen Disney lover, you will remember Monsters inc, set in Monstropolis, this animated film focuses on Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan (Sulley), two monsters who work at Monsters Incorporated (run by Mr Waternoose). Monsters Inc is an energy company that supplies electricity to all of Monstropolis, and the energy is gained by scaring young children and storing the energy of their screams in an energy tank.

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The story progresses to Sulley finding a mysterious door left in the scare room. Confused at first, Sulley then hears a noise; which he discovers whilst hiding to be randall pushing a trolley full of energy tanks. Randall is Sulley’s main scare competitor, who is aiming to break the scare record – this is how mischievous Boo (a human child) manages to escape and cause havoc in the monster world.

Monsters get access to children’s bedrooms through doors that are basically portals to the human world. They will usually set out to scare children during their night time, as it is easier to be unseen in the dark, and whilst they are sleeping.

Nearing the end of the film, Mike and Sully are set on returning Boo to her room. They start with climbing on a random door that is being transported to a warehouse along with many other childrens doors. There they are taken into the warehouse of doors, closely followed behind by randall who wants to banish them. There they attempt to try and find Boo’s door.

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The chase ends when Randall tricks Sulley, and then knocks him out of the room leaving him hanging on for his life. Randall tries to end it all by kicking off Sulley’s hand from the door – but Boo has other ideas; she grabs a baseball bat and climbs on his back whilst hitting him on the head continuously, which gives Sulley enough time to grab Randall. Mike and Sulley then throw Randall into a random door, and then pushes it off the side, banishing him to the human world forever.

These doors are portals to children from all over the globe, and each scarer is assigned a ‘kid’ who they scare. If a monster alerts the kids parents, that could put them in danger – revealing the secret of the Monster World, or if a child no longer shows fear for the monsters, the door would be destroyed. Thankfully doors aren’t known as portals in the human world, so you don’t have to fear about running into a scary monster any time soon. We do favour doors from companies such as https://www.bifoldcompany.co.uk/aluminium-bi-folding-doors-swindon/, who supply Aluminium Bifold doors swindon way, these would make for the perfect garden doors, giving you the perfect view and plenty of sunlight to make your room brighter and all without a monster in sight. Visit our review sections to know more like this content.

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