Five ways to improve your website

The digital world never stands still, and neither should your website. Whether you want to achieve higher search engine rankings or maintain your current position, it is important to carry out the following checks to make sure your website remains relevant.

Five ways to improve your website

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1 Check your mobile website status

More people are now accessing the internet via smartphone than through a conventional desktop or laptop. With Google confirming that a mobile-friendly site is a vital factor in achieving the highest rankings, a failure to include this feature on your site could be costing you dearly. Make sure your site displays beautifully on a range of devices and do not lose customers due to a lack of forward-thinking technology.

2 Include sparkling content

Search engines – and site visitors – are looking for real value in content, with relevant and engaging articles that encourage engagement with your brand. Even if you have managed to create great content for your site, you cannot afford to sit back and relax. Remember that you need to update your content regularly to maintain your position in the search engine rankings.

3 Refresh your website design

Just as in the world of fashion, digital trends come and go. A website that may have been cutting edge two or three years ago could now be letting your business down by using outdated design ideas. You do not have to spend a fortune on updating your website – you can source great web design in Sheffield, Stoke or Southampton without having to spend thousands of pounds. Check out companies such as to see how little an overhaul could cost.

Five ways to improve your website2

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4 Update your SEO

To promote your site successfully, you need to keep the search engines on side. Check your SEO strategy on a regular basis to ensure that it is working, research keywords thoroughly, and try to acquire high-value backlinks from reputable sites to raise your website’s profile.

5 Arrange a digital audit

You need to understand exactly how your site is performing, who is visiting it, and how long they spend. Are they leaving before completing a financial transaction, for example? This should be a red flag, indicating that there is an issue that needs resolving urgently. Always check your site statistics to keep on top of any issues.

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