Can solar panels negatively affect your roof?

Solar panels offer impressive benefits, but some people worry that owning them could ultimately cause damage to one of the key structural elements of their home: the roof. Happily, these fears are unfounded.

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Solar panels are now seen as so safe that even our most historic buildings are adding them to their roofs, as demonstrated by the solar panel project at Cambridge’s King’s College Chapel.

Choose a specialist in solar panel installation

There is no evidence to suggest that having solar panels installed will damage your roof; however, as with any such undertaking, it is always best to have the work carried out by a reputable specialist such as In addition to ensuring your solar panel installation Bath goes smoothly, an expert installer will be able to create the best possible arrangement of panels to optimise the results.

Specialist installers take the time to thoroughly inspect the condition of your roof before they fit the panels, which are installed on special bolted racks designed to avoid placing excess pressure on the area.

Protect your roof

Having solar panels in place can actually protect your roof, making them an even better financial investment than you may have already realised. This is because solar panels effectively shield the roof area from harsh weather conditions, such as snow, ice, heavy rain, high winds, and even sunlight when it is especially strong. Your solar panels become another layer of defence against the elements, meaning you may find that you need fewer roof repairs over time.

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In addition to providing you with clean, renewable electricity to power the appliances in your home, solar panels prevent excess heat from damaging the structure of the materials used to make up the roof.

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