How to enhance the personality of your blog to be a leader in your industry

If we look at some quick figures related to the world of blogging we find the following:

  • There are 59.4 million blogs on WordPress
  • 8 million blogs on Tumblr

These figures give a little dizzy right? And this means that when someone opens a personal or corporate blog is located inside a giant blogosphere where competition for gaining visibility is brutal. Being a bit more specific, you may cast a blog with good design, you post useful content continuously and you attend as is because your readers but that guarantees you becomes a reference in your sector? Unfortunately not…

How to enhance the personality of your blog to be a leader in your industry“Need an identity recognizable: writing, designing, submitting content form that can be remembered as something genuine. Then you will be when your candidacy for forging a reference in your sector”

Concrete actions to enhance your personality blog

As a good reader of blogs that I am, I’ll jot down a series of concrete actions that in my opinion bring personality and can make a difference for a blog that wants to highlight:

1- Mark and clearly promoting a “micro especial”: Living in a competitive environment it is better to spend all your ammo for specific topics that are identifiable to sector has to notice what will be your strong to make more recognizable.

2- Combine written resources Audio / Video: If you have opportunity, this greatly enriches the content and can open new avenues of promotion such as a channel on YouTube or be in a podcast iTunes.

3- Present your content in an original way: One of the options you have on hand is to play a little part of the design.

4- Enter “viral elements” on your blog: There are certain practices that can run with the aim to involve your community and that you will result in more loyal readers. I put two examples in the field of startups:

– Eureka-Startups: This portal, apart from his articles began to publish relevant news of some startups. So were these same companies who saw this site a place to spread their activities.

– To do startups: Created a section of blogs within your web where those who wished could publish their own articles and become known as “writers” within the theme of startups.

5- Mastering the “news jacking”: This is a technique in which “abduct” certain events or news. If you are able to be the first to speak through your blog on a major news story related to your topic going to attract a lot of traffic that you would not normally visit. To give a practical example would be like this blog would have been the first to report that Twitter was going out bag, there passed me a chance.

6- Times Publishing: Without going any further, Carlos Bravo of marketing guerrilla issued its challenge of publishing a post a day without fail and none has spent two years as well. That is one of its distinguishing features.

7- Own data: there is a topic that will always differentiate from the rest and is the amount of accurate data to be able to contribute on your sector. In such a world analytical, data are above the opinions and you are not going to discuss anyone. Opinions are questionable, data is not.

8- Ranking, studies or own awards: Although this fact is a very powerful weapon. If for example you create your own ranking on any relevant subject, you document appropriately and public once a year are already providing something of value to your readers. That same you can do with some own studio and then publish it.

Here are some ideas that can run in search of personality that you will need your blog to be remembered but the most important is that the differentiating factor will aligned with your passions and skills; there will be when nothing is going to stop until it you get.

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