Improve Your Website’s User Experience in these 5 Ways

Available and championing your business 24 hours a day, seven days a week, your website it one of your most important digital assets. Delivering a superior user experience is therefore crucial. We asked a local Gloucester Vape Shop on links including lazyjuice  who are a successful online vaping company to put together a list of points to help you ensure that your website feels fresh and functional long into the future.

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Utilise White Space

An essential component of great design, white space ensures that content is easy to locate and digest. White space, particularly when placed around text, increases the attentiveness of the reader by up to 20%, which ultimately prompts deeper levels of engagement. You should feel confident that your website presents information in accessible and legible ways to encourage your audience to explore and further engage with your content.

Page Loading Speeds

Internet users don’t want to spend time waiting for pages to load. The proliferation of information online means that if your website doesn’t deliver answers quickly enough, your audience will simply look elsewhere for the information they are seeking. Google’s free PageSpeed Insights tool will help you to identify ways in which you can make your website both more mobile-friendly and faster, ensuring it is in the best place to compete in today’s fast-paced digital landscape.

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Enticing Calls to Action

Every professional Swansea web design and marketing agency, including, will tell you that successfully utilising both visual clues and actionable words is key to ensuring your audience can navigate your site effectively, locating information quickly and efficiently. Using actionable language such as “Sign Up Here” or “Get Started” means that your message is succinct and easy to understand, conveying the feeling that you’re keen to help your audience achieve or learn something.

Bullet Points

By separating important information into easily digestible bullet points and cutting out any phrases or words which don’t enhance your message, you can guarantee that your copy is easy to scan, which is especially helpful for users conducting mobile searches while on the go.

Utilise Hyperlink Differentiation

When including links to other pages, you need to do everything possible to encourage your audience to click through. This means both managing their expectations by succinctly communicating what they can expect to see when they do and differentiating the link enough from the surrounding text, with colour or underlining, so that it clearly stands out.

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