How to combat loneliness at Christmas

We were not created to be alone. We are social creatures, not solitary ones. Over one million older adults report feeling lonely during Christmas. The feeling of loneliness can affect anyone at any time but is acutely experienced at Christmas, a time traditionally all about families.

As we age, loneliness can increase, especially if someone has experienced a separation or divorce, lost a loved one, moved to a place where they do not know their neighbours or is suffering from mental or physical health issues.

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We often feel pressured to be happy at Christmas. The media is constantly showing us images of happy families and couples. But Christmas can be very difficult for people who are alone or don’t have family nearby.

Consider the things that you like to do if you are facing a Christmas alone. You could watch your favourite movies and eat your favourite snack while you do it. Or, take a brisk walk while wearing warm clothing in the winter air. Be kind to yourself.

Other ideas for you:

You can also suggest going out to dinner with other people who will be alone for Christmas. Or you could even organise a gathering where everyone brings a part of the Christmas dinner so the cost is evenly spread.

If you’ve always wanted to give back, there are many soup-kitchens that are always in need of volunteers during Christmas. You will get the chance to meet new people, and enjoy the company of people who share your interests. You can find your nearest volunteer centre by visiting

Over 50’s can find a lot of people who share their interests and enjoy socialising in a park home community. For more information on living in Park Homes Gloucestershire, go to a site like

You can book a holiday and explore for a few nights if you have the cash. Or you can reach out to friends and family and tell them how you are feeling. Some people may prefer to spend their Christmas alone, and that is fine.

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If you’re already planning a gathering, you might invite your neighbours or others who will be alone for Christmas. The more people you can get together with the better! You might want to invite someone to Christmas for a certain part of the day. This way, they won’t feel as if they are being intrusive.

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