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The glass we use every day is an amazing material. Recent technological advancements have made glass more rigid, resulting in some incredible structures. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a property made of glass or walk across vast canyons supported only by glass? Here are some unique ways to use glass:

A trip to France is not complete without a stop at the world-famous Louvre museum in Paris. This impressive museum is marked by a 70-foot glass pyramid. This is a great example of modernity and classical architecture blending together.

The ‘Gherkin,’ another glass structure in London, is one of the most recognisable buildings. The second tallest in London, it stands at 180 metres.

The Skywalk at the Grand Canyon is not for the faint hearted. It has a transparent bridge of glass which allows you to see right down between your feet. It is designed with four layers of glass to be able to withstand strong winds. That’s some tough glass! To improve your home’s glass, consider installing new Hereford Double Glazing from a site like

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On the Tianmen Mountain, China is another glass walkway. The glass walkway is 3 feet wide, 2.5 inches thick, and completely transparent. It’s a 4000 foot drop with nothing between you and the ground except glass. This walkway is 4,700 feet above sea level. You must be very brave to walk out on it.

You may not be familiar with the Dancing House, located in Prague. It was controversially opened in 1996 as the glass stood out against the classic gothic architecture.

The Shard, a modern skyline design in London, is another example of a modern city skyline. The tallest building in Europe, it stands more than 300 metres high. The building is made up of 11,000 glass panes covering 56,000 square metres.

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The National Centre for Performing Arts, located in Beijing, is a beautiful example of architectural splendour. The water in the artificial lake reflects off the elliptical structure. The reflection gives the impression that the building is oval, and it has been nicknamed “The Bird’s Egg”.

Glass buildings are stunning and demonstrate the perfect marriage of technology and aesthetics. Glass walkways are an innovative and brave way to enjoy nature. But you really have to trust that glass!

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