Conveyancing Association launches Find an Expert service

The conveyancing industry’s main trade body website has just launched their Find an Expert service, helping seekers of high-standard conveyancing services to find member companies of the Conveyancing Association.

Visitors will be able to simply input their postcode on the Conveyancing Association website. The search engine will, in turn, produce a number of member firms in the user’s locale, helping them access industry experts. What’s more, the search engine also highlights member companies who are happy to travel, meaning that users aren’t limited to local options only.

This new service comes as a vital addition to the Conveyancing Association’s helpful web services, allowing users to see for themselves which member firms are near their locale and what services they may offer. With that said, many firms now offer a high efficient online service, rendering location less of an issue.

How does the new Find an Expert service work and who can use it?

The search engine produces a list of any location-specific or otherwise applicable Conveyancing Association member companies, together with their address and contact details. Clicking on each member, users will be able to see a list of the services offered by each company, phone number, and any additional information. You’ll also find a helpful indicator regarding the distance each conveyancer is from your location, enabling you to choose whatever firm or solicitor suits you best.

Conveyancing firms who are not yet listed but wish to be can sign up using the trade body’s brand-new membership brochure.

Anyone seeking quality conveyancing services can use the new search engine in order to find member companies, all of which have been vetted to comply with the trade body’s high standards. In particular, centrally located UK customers will be pleased to find the best conveyancing solicitors in London.

However, the Find an Expert Service is applicable UK-wide, with members available across Great Britain. With a large number of expert member firms, this new search engine is a potential time-saverl for both prospective home owners, property investors, and business owners alike, and will connect users with conveyancing firms and solicitors countrywide.

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Why should I use the new Find an Expert service?

The conveyancing industry is widespread and relevant to anyone from prospective homeowners to those seeking investment opportunities and large-scale business owners. Finding a good conveyancing firm and solicitor is second in importance only to finding the property of your dreams.

Scope of Services

Conveyancing specialists such as Sam Conveyancing can help with a multitude of elements in the homebuying process, such as the purchase or sale of a home, transfer of equity, remortgaging, and much more. As a specialist concierge service, firms of this type can offer a wider range of property and legal services than some of the pure-play conveyancers listed on the new Find an Expert service. Knowing the conveyancing firm and service you are selecting is Conveyancing Association-approved means you can rest assured that your property plans are in safe hands.

Finding a reliable conveyancing firm means you can relax, knowing that the legality of your property purchase is secure. This is where the new Find an Expert service can be helpful and will assist you in identifying a solicitor you can trust, in line with the Conveyancing Association’s rigorous guidelines.

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The service is now available on the Conveyancing Association home page. You simply enter your postcode to find conveyancing firms and solicitors in your surrounding area.

However you find a member firm, you will be in safe hands when purchasing or selling your next property, whether you are a private prospective homeowner or property investor.

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