How do you make ends meet in today’s extremely difficult financial climate?

Nearly every family in the United Kingdom is struggling to make ends meet in this extremely difficult financial climate, so how do you make every penny count?  Start by looking at supermarket own brands of food, drink, clothing, and homewares.  More often than not, their own brands are just as tasty, and nutritious, yet sometimes as much as half the price of branded goods!  Most of the larger Supermarkets also have customer loyalty schemes that can save you several pounds off your shopping bill every week.

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Shop smart, choose products that are on offer, maybe buy one get one free deals or buy two get one free, anything that gives you a product for free is worth considering if you need it.  You don’t have to buy everything you need from one place, though it certainly is convenient to do so. Shop around, check out several different shops and always look for deals. NO matter what part of the Country you live in, from Tenby in Wales, to Edinburgh in Scotland and Swindon in Wiltshire professional Accountants Swindon could be worth seeking advice from. The old adage, “look after the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves,” is well worth remembering and trying to follow that advice could help you take better control of your hard-earned money.

If you are lucky enough to be able to save money to afford a family holiday, then why not enjoy a Staycation here in England?  The countryside and scenery can be just as beautiful as abroad, the sea just as blue, the award-winning beaches covered in soft, golden sand and the mountains just as difficult to climb as anywhere in the world!

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With petrol and diesel prices soaring, maybe you could find a way to get around without the use of your car.  Do you live close enough to work to cycle or walk there?  Is there a local, reliable bus service that could save you money?  If you have no choice but to take your car to work, then could you join a car share scheme where you take turns driving with other people going to the same place as you?   Look at all your Utility Companies, would it save you money if you changed to a new supplier?  Most phone, television and internet companies offer new customers a better deal than if you stick with the same one.


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