The pateras of online marketing

I am an immigrant In spite of having Spanish nationality since always thanks to my father was born in Ribadumia, Pontevedra; I am and I feel immigrant. However, what we often overlook, is that every immigrant carries the heavy burden of being an immigrant too.

Making the difficult decision to leave the place that saw you grow up, without knowing what fate will bring, is perhaps the bravest and most desperate act a person can commit.

When I hear about the “digital immigrants”, the “Y generation”, the “C” or the whole alphabet together, I always wonder who has started thinking about this “analog migrant” who has nothing to lose, but ignores absolutely everything, he throws himself into the sea with his boat in search of a better world, within inbound marketing.

On Monday, on the occasion of the International Social Media Day, in Servilia and with the collaboration of the CVE, we organized the #SMDayValladolid, and one of the conclusions reached, is that there are many looking at their navel, without having any idea, that instead of helping this newcomer, he tries to dupe him with unfulfilled promises. And what it gets is disintegration and distrust in the middle of this person or company. Keep reading for more internet marketing strategies.

Sorry if the question sounds hard but: What is your role in the online marketing landscape? Do you try to help and train (equip, says my friend Isra García) or are you measuring and comparing with and against someone? Do you really believe that you are training and helping these analog migrants to better understand the possibilities of online marketing?

We must be aware that we deal with people who have difficulty just moving the mouse in a fluid way. We can not skip steps and leave all these people in the ditch.

Those of us who have some degree of responsibility for disseminating the advantages of social networks and the Internet in general, we must assume our social commitment with all these people, and adapt the means to make it arrive as clearly as possible, and in a language that is “digestible”, all these benefits.

So much that we fill our mouths with words like “target”, objectives and kpi’s, we should realize that “they” are our true objective. Both individually and within their companies.

I am honored and I like to be recognized professionally by my peers; but it fills me a lot more humanly, to make an “analog migrant” recently rescued from his boat, start using the full potential of these tools.

“I am know I am a dreamer, but I’m not the only one,” said John Lennon …

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