Online reputation or work to be what you pretend to be

For companies and professionals it is essential to have a good image in front of other professionals, so it is necessary to maintain a good reputation online and send the message we want to convey professionalism and confidence.

Nowadays there are many people who inhabit the space, where they share not only photos and videos, but experiences and opinions about services and products, as well as brands. This means that a reputation problem for our brand could quickly get out of our hands without proper follow-up and create a difficult problem for us.

The customer acquires a huge dimension in the reputation of our brand, since anything that is said online, can be seen by more than two billion Internet users and their complaints or recommendations of our product, service or brand is collected instantly by Google. .

Therefore, it is very important for companies to perfectly manage their online reputation. For this, not only is it necessary for us to know what others are saying about us, but to add our own information and disseminate it, so that when a search is carried out, the information we have provided will be the one that prevails. We have done an adequate viralization work. There are multiple monitoring tools to control the conversations in which we participate, and you have to know them to make good use of them.

Listening is paramount, but it is also important to take part, to be an active part in the management of the reputation. Understand that online reputation is what others say about us and cover all your conversations is not enough. We need proactivity to build a positive and solid reputation.

For this, a content strategy can be very useful. This strategy must contemplate not only the publication of articles in a blog, but in social networks and internal communication.

A company or a brand that wants to build a strong brand, with a solid reputation, must create its own voice, we need to be able to speak directly with our audience so that they can easily understand us.

Something that is often done wrong is to speak impersonally with the community, but not to monitor the conversations and, spontaneously, participate in that conversation adding value. It is something as simple as if someone asks something, respond and say good morning to the audience.

In addition, it will help us build a solid reputation to create a medium, a platform, through which users can see how we share value with them, create a relationship of trust, create a clean and simple channel so they can communicate with us.

It is necessary to see things with perspective: to be able to abstract from ourselves and see the less positive side of our brand can save us many criticisms to be able to anticipate them and solve or improve those aspects.

Maintaining a reputation is essential for online businesses. If we do not have a good reputation, we will not enjoy the approval of our audience, and we not only risk losing the community we already have, but we will not be able to reach new clients.

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