Should my company be in all social networks?

You know that social networks are an appropriate springboard for your brand, but do you really have to be in all of them? why? The most convenient is to make an objective analysis and evaluate the adequate presence in each of them. If you do not feel comfortable in a specific social network, that is not your place. In the same way that you like the beach and others the mountain, choose the place where you feel comfortable and unwrap like a fish in the water. You can choose the convenience of being in one or another social platform attending to the following criteria:

Is my target audience there?It is true that there are social networks that have millions of followers, but possibly the profile of users that you address does not use that social network mostly. First of all, you must have clearly defined your target, then analyze the potential audience of each medium and from there you will know which is worth being present.

Can my company really contribute valuable content on that platform?Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you do not finish reaching people with your content on that network. Unfortunately, the videos you can make about your dental practice are not exactly blockbusters. Perhaps it would be better for you to develop a geolocation strategy in specialized networks, supported by a Facebook community that will refer you to your contacts.

What real capacity do you have to generate quality content?You have to be realistic and adapt your strategy to your possibilities. You may be able to provide useful resources to your users only once a week; in that case, do not force the machine and try to publish every day on Facebook with irrelevant content, you will only saturate your audience and lose credibility. Always apply the usual rule: quality before quantity.

Do you have enough resources to cover all social networks?In previous editions we have commented that presence in social media requires a considerable investment in time and money. Perhaps it would be more appropriate to limit yourself to the real possibilities, covering only what you can afford. It is always preferable to perform few actions, but effective, who covers a lot, little squeeze.

What objective do you intend to achieve? What is the answer you expect from your followers? It could be the case that, even if your content has great impact, it does not translate into an effective response for your company. The fact of having thousands of unconditional is not a guarantee of success, if you are not able to manage the community and get them to act according to your interests.

In how many social networks is your brand present? What strategy do you carry out in each of them? If you had to choose, why would you choose?

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