Signs that you are wearing low-quality clothing

We have all been there, enticed by a trendy, budget-friendly piece of clothing only to discover that it quickly loses its charm. Low-quality clothing may offer a tempting price tag but often comes at the cost of comfort, durability, and style. Here are some telltale signs that you are wearing low-quality clothing.

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Quick fading

Low-quality fabrics tend to lose their colour and vibrancy after just a few washes. If your favourite shirt looks faded and worn after minimal use, it is a sign of low-quality materials and dyes.

Seam issues

Constant unravelling, loose threads and uneven seams are red flags. Well-constructed clothing, such as mens Aran cardigans from stores such as, maintains its integrity, while low-quality pieces are prone to unravelling and coming apart.


The annoying little balls of fabric that form on clothing can be a sign of poor quality. Pilling often occurs when low-quality fibres break down quickly.

Misshapen garments

Low-quality clothing loses its shape, resulting in misshapen hems, collars, and sleeves. Well-made garments retain their form even after repeated wear and washing.

Stiff or scratchy fabrics

Uncomfortable, stiff or scratchy fabrics are common in low-quality clothing. High-quality materials are chosen for their softness and comfort against your skin.

Poor stitching

Sloppy or uneven stitching is a sign of low-quality manufacturing. Well-constructed clothing features neat, even seams that contribute to both aesthetics and durability.

Loose buttons and fasteners

If buttons or fasteners frequently come loose or fall off, it is a clear indication of low-quality clothing. Securely attached closures are a hallmark of better craftsmanship.

Inferior zips

Struggling with a zip that sticks, catches or separates is a common complaint with low-quality clothing. Quality zips should glide smoothly without issues.

Transparency issues

Low-quality fabrics may become see-through when stretched, which can be a problem with leggings, tights, or tops. High-quality clothing maintains its opacity.

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Unpleasant odour

Low-quality clothing can sometimes retain unpleasant odours even after washing, making it less enjoyable to wear.

While low-quality clothing may initially save you money, it often leads to frustration, shorter lifespans for your garments, and a lower overall value.

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