Types of wood that we use

Trees fall into two distinctive types. There are deciduous trees, and then there are evergreen trees. These trees are easy to distinguish between as the deciduous trees drop their leaves in Autumn. As the name suggests, evergreen trees retain their leaves throughout their lifespan.  So,  if you are out taking a walk this autumn and see a tree losing its leaves, it is deciduous. If it is still looking green, then it is an evergreen. Regardless of this fact, any type of wood can be used in construction and or building work. A Timber Frame Company, like https://merlintimberframe for example, Will take into consideration your specifications for any kind of build that you require. The type of wood is represented by its strength and by its colour.

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For example, Oak has always been a popular choice because it seasons well once it has been installed.  Oak is also a particularly strong wood and has been used for centuries in building. This was particularly true in the medieval period. Other types of wood that are commonly used in buildings are Beech and Ash. The long-term future of Ash is in doubt following a particularly virulent disease.

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Evergreen trees such as pine and Cedar are also particularly popular when it comes to construction work.  They are lighter in colour but still have a particular hue, which people find aesthetically pleasing. Plus, you can see the grain of the wood. All wood is treated and prepared before it is installed into the home.

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