Reasons to avoid a party in your home

You might want to reconsider if you plan on hosting a party in your own home. You might think that saving money by not renting a space is a good idea, but you could use the money you save to hire specialised cleaners to clean your home afterwards! These are the main reasons why hosting a party at your home might not be worth it.

Someone will completely take over the selection of music. You will all be subjected to whatever they choose on their phone all night as they overrule any music you select. You can either hire a DJ to play music at your party or you can do it yourself. This way, you retain control over the music and you are able to make requests. In this case, the wannabe DJ must keep their phone in their pocket!

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If you don’t lock your fridge, someone is going to eat your delicious party food. You know that stuff you told everyone not to touch before you’ve laid it out? Some drunk person with the munchies ate it all.

You might upset your neighbours (the ones that you forgot to invite), and they may call the police if you keep them up late. It’s embarrassing to have the police on your doorstep ruining your party. Book a proper event to avoid the hassle. Hiring a marquee can give you some greater flexibility. For Marquee Hire Gloucester, contact Good Intents.

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Your beautiful home will be a mess. If you don’t lock all the doors, drunk people may use your bathroom or even poke around in other rooms. It may be difficult to get the last few people to leave, and you might find them fast asleep on your sofa or bed. You will feel guilty, you can’t allow them to drive home, and yes, you guessed correctly, they will still be at your breakfast table in the morning.

Cleaning up will take the rest of the day, or possibly even a few days depending on how raucous things became. You will have cups and cans all over the place, sticky floors and tables, food on your carpet, and who knows what else. Spend the extra cash to have someone else clean up the mess. As the host or hostess for this amazing party you certainly deserve to relax and enjoy your awesomeness.

Imagine your expensive shag pile cream carpet or your Ming vase ruined. Imagine your expensive carpet or things getting smashed. Hire a marquee instead and let loose!

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