Sending valuables by courier? Check out these four tips

People send things by courier every day, including valuable items like gifts for loved ones, expensive technology, or goods with high sentimental value. This practice has been around for centuries, but people rarely give it the careful thought it needs to be safe, fast and practical. To get the most out of this service, here are four tips for sending your valuables by courier.

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Tip 1: Choose the right service

It is important to pick the right courier for you. A simple internet search for terms like Same Day Courier Birmingham will be a good starting point for finding couriers in your area. You then need to make sure that the service you pick will actually transport the goods you want to send; some companies have specific rules about certain types of goods. Most companies won’t transport gold or money, so you’ll need to do further research in that area.

Tip 2: Insure your parcel

This is a vital step in ensuring the safety of your goods. You must confirm that the courier company you chose offers insurance. Otherwise, there could be trouble if your items are lost or damaged, and you won’t be protected. Many services will take extremely valuable items but refuse to offer insurance because of the risk, so do your research.

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Tip 3: Track your parcel

Always track your parcel. If there is no option for tracking, use a different courier service. This is less of a problem than the insurance tip as nearly all courier companies will have tracking options. This will give you peace of mind. Many smaller companies like All about freight provide same day courier services are starting to use tracking, as are the bigger carriers, so don’t be scared to shop around.

Tip 4: Package it carefully

Make sure everything is wrapped tightly, with no air pockets or room for items to shift around and become damaged. The courier company will do their part to protect your goods while they are in transit, but you must take responsibility for the item’s safety when you are packaging it.

Use these tips with a helpful dash of common sense and some background reading, and you will be posting your valuable items with reliable couriers safe in the knowledge that you did your research.

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