Best Business Blog Tips That Work

Have you ever wondered why some websites get to enjoy popularity while others are just collecting dust and nobody even noticed them? The answer is found on how effective one’s skill is when it comes to business blog.

Keywords on Images
There are actually so many skills involve when you want your business blog to gain popularity. You can start with the home page itself. Images are essential way to attract viewers. It will be a lot helpful when you use them to help you rank high in search engines. Have you tried editing its ‘ALT’ tag so you can provide keywords on the images’ name? These could easily be seen by the search engine spiders.

An expert in SEO once suggested that giving names to images help one’s site do well in their ranking. For example, when your home page is all about handbags, you can label one image as ‘Chanel Quilted Strap Bag’ instead of ‘handbag 1’. The reason behind this is that having names as the ones suggested will easily capture the attention of the search engine’s spiders and will likely increase your rank on top searches. Of course, this will greatly enhance viewers’ visits to your site. Make sure that you employ programs like Photoshop to make your pictures look great and easy on the eyes. Another reason for naming these images is that some viewers will know about it even if they turned off their image browsers for speed purposes.

If your images take years when loading, chances are you will lose visitors. Some usually divert to other sites when it takes so much time to view yours. As much as possible, loading should be done within seconds. Online programs for enhancing images will be able to help you with this job.

Optimize Visitors’ Experience
Now, another thing that you keep in mind is how to optimize the visits. How can you make a visitor stay longer in your site long enough to understand what your site is all about? This takes creativity on your side. We all know how some visitors can get to your site fast and can also leave quickly as soon as you don’t have anything to grab their attention.

Make sure that you capture their attention by showing some points on what your site is all about. Make headlines about it. Create catchy phrases or lines that will instantly let them wonder and find out more what your site has to offer.

Don’t go overboard with creativity like adding annoying backgrounds that take forever to load. Instead of that, how about make ways to make it easy for them to navigate your page. A good example is placing navigation links.

Do Your Research
Keywords are also the best tool to get your customers visit your site. Think of phrases instead of words. So if you are into handbags, you might want to use ‘classic designer handbags’ instead of ‘handbags’. Your title and description tags should also employ details about your site. This will look good when users are checking out search engines to choose site to visit.

These are just few among the things you can apply when optimizing your business blog. Try to think of yourself as a visitor and what you might like to see when visiting a site. You can also ask friends to help you out.

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