Keeping staff enthusiastic during an office relocation

It is important that during the whole process of relocating offices, staff feel involved and motivated to continue with their daily tasks, as well as seeing the move as the beginning of a new start and better things to come.

Empower employees

Ask your employees for ideas about new office layout and design. They may know your work environment better than you do – and if they are good ideas, or simple to implement, you should offer a gift, reward or incentive. Make life easier on everyone with Office Removals London. Visit a site like Pegler for professional Office Removals London.

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Communicate regularly and often

Keep your employees up-to-date with progress on the key stages of the office move. It is important that they know what is going on and it will keep them interested and enthused about the fresh surroundings.

Clarify expectations

Remind the staff that during the period of disturbance from the office relocation, targets still need to be met, the company still needs to make money and the clients’ needs must still be met. In other words, it is “business as usual” during the process.

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Start as you mean to go on

When the staff arrive in the morning on the first day in the new office, it is important to have everything in the right place and working properly. Downtime on the first day of business can lead to negativity and low morale. Creating a new environment that’s ready to go and as welcoming as possible, neat and fully operational.



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