Why you need VPN technology

If you’ve added a security plugin like Ghostery to your browser, you’ll notice the extraordinary number of trackers trying to follow you around the Net, spying on all your business and interests. They pump nuisance ads at you, bringing browsers to a standstill with nuisance video streams or forced diversion to untrustworthy websites. A few are simply criminal, attempting to install trojans and steal bank details.

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Instead of protecting us, Google and Facebook enable these parasites to function. Therefore, it’s up to us to protect our own privacy and data. Legislation like the GDPR is imposing new legal responsibilities to protect communications too. Here are some ways a VPN will help you.

Secure messaging

Passing WhatsApp, Skype and Snapchat messages through a VPN is a trouble-free way of ensuring they are protected by encryption. Social media platforms have been growing in number and in importance, but as new ones appear they will automatically benefit from your existing VPN connection.

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Voice over Internet Protocol

VoIP enables telephone calls at a fraction of normal telecom costs. The availability of VoIP wholesale termination means you can connect to phones on ordinary telephone networks anywhere in the world. Multi-line conferencing is simple too.

Unfortunately, voice analysis and mass surveillance technologies exist that expose every word to whoever sees a potential profit, legal or criminal, from intercepting it. Again, VoIP communications are automatically protected when channelled through a VPN. For more information on secure VoIP see https://www.idtexpress.com/.


Playing a game is safe, isn’t it? Well not if joining involves sending your credit card information. Even in free games, accounts and digital assets can acquire substantial value and are often stolen.

VPN encrypts your confidential information and provides extra advantages. For example, it may allow you to bypass geographical blocking and speed throttling.


A few years ago censorship was only an issue in authoritarian countries like China or Saudi Arabia. Today, censorship of various kinds is growing everywhere: your access to resources may be blocked by foreign governments or anonymous shady groups. A VPN is a barrier against this interference.

Secure Wifi

With the advent of smartphones, staying connected whilst roaming is fast becoming the norm. Even more than at home, browsing and communications are at risk of interception, packet sniffing, hacking and even impersonation. A VPN can protect you wherever you are.

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