Going through the Adoption Process

Many people in the UK decide that adoption is the best option for them to bring a child or children into their family. There are many reasons why people opt to go down the adoption route, it may be that they have a medical condition that makes pregnancy too risky, or that they are worried about passing a genetic condition onto a child, or they may not be able to have children themselves.

There are many children waiting to be adopted in the UK, from babies to older children and teenagers. The adoption process is something that can take a while, but it is an essential part of adoption, as it ensures that the children’s safety is paramount and that the adopters are happy and supported throughout, so that ultimately the family have the best chance of being happy together and settling well.

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There is also a legal side to this process, which needs to be dealt with by a legal professional like this family law Gloucester based solicitor. This ensures that everything is done correctly and that in the eyes of the law the whole process is above board.

The first steps taken into adoption take a couple of months and applicants will need to provide references, have background checks done and will undergo a health assessment. Applicants also will be able to learn about what adoption involves and more details about the process itself.

During the second stage of the process will be when you are first allocated a social worker who will work with you throughout the process and be able to provide a report for you to recommend you for adoption. You will also be able to learn more and do training to prepare you.

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After this stage, you can then be approved for adoption. The social worker then will be able to liaise with a team which will be able to find children that are suitable for you and whose needs you will be able to meet. This can sometimes take time as it is important that the right match is made for both you and the children.

Once a match has been found, you and the child or children can then meet and start to build a relationship with the help of the social worker. This starts off small and will progress to longer periods of time. The child will then be able to move into your home with you if all of this goes well.

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