How To Decorate A Small Living Room

Every one of us wants to have a huge home and lots of space for use. But dreams and reality do not always match. While we cannot overcome space problems, what we can do best is decorate the space available at hand to maximize it in an attractive and inviting manner. To make a small living room look large and uncongested a few ideas can be taken into consideration.

Be organized
The first rule of decorating a small room is to have an organized look. Clear away clutter and make way for a clean and clear view of the room. Use storage baskets to keep small items like remotes and magazines. Keep the newspaper in a proper place instead of keeping it on the center table.

Select proper furniture
Avoid large furniture pieces in a small space. Opt for multi-functional items. For example, you can select a sofa cum bed which can be used both for sitting and sleeping. Select a table console which has a storage space with shelves. You can place a mirror above the tabletop and utilize this top to place decorative pieces or flower vases. Select an end-table with a storage space attached to it. If you want ottoman in the living room, get those which have a removable top and you can utilize the space inside it. Do not make the place congested with too many furniture items. Select wisely to maximize the space and utility of the items you finally keep in the room.

Clear away unnecessary items
Often there crops up a piece of furniture which we no longer need but have kept it for sentimental value or just for the sake of keeping it. Get rid of such items except when you are really attached to a particular item for sentimental reasons. If you think the old chair is a misfit in the new décor then it’s better to either utilize it in some other form in another room or simply discard it. Once you start doing that you will realize how much space you have on your hands to place necessary items.

Select simple lines
In rooms where space is a problem, selecting living room furniture having neat and simple lines is wise. Not only do they occupy less space, they also give a neat view and create a sense of space in the room. Along with the furniture keep the lines of the draperies also simple. Draperies can affect a room’s look in a big way. So, it is essential to have window treatments which feature simple lines.

Choose colors wisely
Colors play a major part when space is at a premium. Wall paint in lighter shades reflects the sunlight and creates a sense of a larger space than in reality. Dark shades, on the contrary, make a room look smaller than usual. So, selecting a lighter shade will mean making the room seem spacious. If possible then continue the color scheme in the flooring and the furniture too, albeit in a different shade of the color. This will create a harmonious look in the room.

Light up cleverly
Select your window treatments with care, allowing lots of sunlight into your living room. Sunlight makes a room seem bright and beautiful. Avoid bulky floor lamps. Instead select light fixtures that require less physical space and helps in proper illumination of the room. Use ceiling lights to illuminate the whole room. Additionally, fix table lamps and wall lamps to have a layered lighting in the room.

Finally, it is your living room, your own comfort zone. You can add your personal touch and ideas to these tips to make your living room cozy and comfortable for use. Let loose your creativity and come up with unique design strategies that will make you smile in satisfaction.

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