Why Progressive Web Apps Are Revolutionising User Experience

They provide users with the experience and intuitiveness of an app without requiring them to download one via an app store on to their device. Experts believe that progressive web apps (PWAs) will provide web users with the capabilities currently reserved for mobile users and introduce a level of parity between native apps and the web.

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The Advantages of Progressive Web Apps

Promising to be ultra-reliable and even able to load in changeable network conditions, progressive web apps are fast, exceptionally engaging and able to deliver consistent user experiences across a range of different platforms.

As users can access progressive web apps when they aren’t connected to the internet, this new level of adaptability and usability amounts to a significant step forward from responsive web design, which was arguably the industry’s last big hero development.

The Future of Progressive Web Apps

With features including motion sensors, GPS, camera integration and data storage, the road to web-based VR and AR experiences is clear. Although native apps are slightly ahead in this respect, progressive web apps are closing this gap notably quickly.

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As progressive web apps utilise one source code across platforms, they are simpler to maintain and support increasingly new and exciting capabilities. This is interesting from a developer perspective, as it enables teams to focus on providing rich user experiences that extend far beyond those offered by responsive websites.

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At this point in time the only thing holding back design and development teams is the fact that progressive web apps are only supported by Opera and Chrome. It is important to note that Firefox and Microsoft Edge are close to providing full support, and Samsung, Apple, and Google are committed to facilitating PWAs in the near future.

Progressive web apps certainly aren’t perfect, but they undeniably represent the future of emerging technologies that are primed to significantly revolutionise the industry. Developers, designers, businesses and consumers alike will experience the benefits PWAs have to offer, but it is imperative that development teams understand when and how to leverage them to achieve the best possible results.

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