4 Reasons Why Every SEO Specialist Should Have A Side-Project.

With so many so-called ‘SEO Specialists’ around it is important to differentiate yourself from the rest by being able to show a side-project. Side-project refers to a separate website(s) project(s) one manages outside of work which can illustrate the search engine optimization skills that you possess.

I have worked both as a freelance SEO consultant and as part of an SEO team for a large Internet Marketing agency in London and whilst both experiences serve me well, I believe the side-projects outside of freelance and agency work are the best examples of work I have completed.

This post aims to illustrate just 4 main reasons why if you are an SEO Specialist you should have a side-project on the go and if you don’t why you should start.

4. Practice SEO techniques and experiments.
By having your own separate website(s) it is possible to test fully theories and experiment with different ideas that you have with regards the search engine algorithms.

Whilst I worked with several high branded websites I was unable to test my ideas or experiment due to the fact that not only could I not risk any of my work having a negative effect on search results but also because our team was constantly implementing off-site and on-site SEO and therefore I could never be certain if a change I made had a direct impact on SERPS or not.

Some of the most important theories I have tested, whilst not major, have been completed on the separate project sites that I own.

3. Fully illustrate rankings you have achieved alone.
As a SEO Expert I often get asked if I can illustrate search result success that I have had a direct impact on. Whilst I am able to highlight a few websites that I have worked on that have gained outstanding results in the SERPs, this is classed as joint effort and therefore cannot be deemed as my personal SEO achievements.

By managing my own websites, mainly in the affiliate field I am able to demonstrate these results and take all the credit for their good results. At present I am working on Ticket Yoda which has excellent results in Google and therefore I am able to show these rankings to any potential employers or clients that wish to use my services. The higher rankings you get the easier it is to demonstrate the fact that you can do what you say you can do.

2. Gain individual credibility.
Search Engine Optimization and Internet marketing tasks are often completed by a team working towards a common goal. By being able to take control of your own website and take it to the top of the ranking then you are more credible to be able to run and manage the direction for other websites.

‘Proof is in the pudding’ as they say and what better way to demonstrate your knowledge by having a website that ranks well for competitive search terms on major search engines.

1. Personal Financial Gain
Any decent Internet Marketer will fully understand the level of financial gain that can be gained by having good rankings online in the major search engines. With tens of thousands of online businesses gaining high financial rewards just by the fact that they are ranking highly on competitive keywords highlights the fact that anybody claiming to be an expert at this should have a website aimed at doing similar.

So if you claim to be an expert at Search Engine Optimization then I cannot find a reason why you do not have a side project on the go unless that is you are making fortunes from your day job.

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