How to Replace an Electrical Fuse

When the lights go out or an electrical device suddenly stops working, the first thing that most people check is the fuse. The fuse itself is used as a protective shield that will immediately stop the electrical current in a device if there is a fault of some sort present. Fuses are most commonly found in a mains fuse box, a fused connection unit or in an extension lead or plug, for example. So, how do you go about fixing a fuse? Should you contact an electrician? Take a trip to the local hardware store? Or perhaps it goes deeper than that. It’s possible that your entire electrical control component needs updated or repaired. Don’t worry, we will cover all of these issues below:

How to Replace an Electrical Fuse

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Fused Connection Units

Before attempting to replace a fuse, you must make sure that the unit is switched off. The possibility of getting electrocuted here is very real, so it pays to listen! Next up, you will need to open the fuse holder using a screwdriver. Once you see the fuse, remove it carefully and replace it with your new replacement. It is important that the new fuse contains the same amperage as the previous one.

Consumer Unit

When it comes to changing the fuse of the mains power, things can get a little tricky. The main reason for this is because there can be numerous fuses which makes detecting the broken one a lot more time consuming. Once detected, make sure the mains power is switched off before removing the old fuse. You may also need to remove the fuse wire before renewing it with its working replacement.


The most common fuse to blow is usually found in the traditional household plug. Turn the plug over and use a screwdriver to unscrew the central screw. According to The Guardian, doing this will open up the base, allowing you to take out the old fuse and fit the new one in. Again, the replacement must contain the right amperage for the associated appliance. Once you have fitted in the new fuse, simply screw the cover back on and it should all be in working order.

Still not Working?

Ireland Electrical Control Components can sometimes refuse to work, making replacing the fuse completely redundant. In circumstances such as this one, it is advised to seek professional assistance from Electrical control components supplier OSM. You may also wish to consult an electrician if the thought of dealing with all of those wires makes you a little weak at the knees.



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