Carpet cleaning tips direct from the professionals

Carpets will fall victim to dirt despite your best efforts, from spillages to what you walk into them. Luckily, there are ways to remove stains that you may not have thought of. Here are the best tips from the professionals.

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Blot/dab stains with a cloth and an appropriate cleaning solution. Blotting soaks the stain up. When you rub, the stains are ground into the carpet fibres and spread. Blot from the outside in, as this will avoid spreading the stain.

Muddy footprints

Have you got mud all over your floor? The best way to deal with stains such as mud is to leave them to dry before removing them, as they are much easier to remove with simple vacuuming.

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Wine and beer stains

Blot the area with some soda on a cloth. If this isn’t working, mix one part vinegar and one part water in a bottle and spray the mixture onto the stain, leaving it to soak for 10-15 minutes. Use a sponge to soak up the stain and excess water. When the stain has lifted, place kitchen towels on the spot to soak up the excess solution.

Shaving cream

Experts claim that shaving cream will remove most stains. Spray directly onto the stain and leave for 30 minutes. When the cream has set, blot it away with a white cloth. Use the vinegar and water solution to clean the area, and dry as instructed above. If the staining is over a large area, the shaving cream might not suffice; in this case, you should contact a specialist such as gnccontractservices.

Chewing gum

To remove this, you need to freeze it first. Place an ice cube on the gum for around 30 seconds; once frozen, use a spoon to lift the gum and cut any fibres as close to the spoon as possible. It will be difficult to spot if you have been careful.


Remove grease by using a dishwasher solution in a spray bottle – spay and then blot. For larger stains, you may need to repeat the instructions. If the area is large, use a service such as a Cheltenham carpet cleaning company.


Remove any dried blood before adding a little hydrogen peroxide to the stain, which will foam a little. Dry the area with towels.

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