Fire Safety in the Workplace

In the workplace, employers will do all they can to make sure that staff are as safe as possible. From having inspections done to make sure that machinery isn’t faulty to sending staff on courses like these Tidal Training clinical training courses so that they know how to treat a health emergency.

One of the biggest risks in any workplace is the risk of fire. Fire is something that can strike at any time, and of course can be deadly. Here are some of the ways that a workplace can protect against fire…

Electrical Inspections – Electrical equipment that is faulty can lead to a fire breaking out, so in order to reduce the risk of this happening, electrical equipment in the workplace should be tested regularly to ensure that it is not a fire risk. From the computers to the kitchen kettle, it is essential that all office equipment that is electrical is checked by a qualified electrician.

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Having the Correct Fire Extinguishers – Because there are many different things that can cause a fire, the types of fire vary. This means that there are different methods of extinguishing them. For example, you may have heard that you should never try to extinguish an electrical fire with water as this only makes it worse. Having the right extinguishers for the different types of fire is essential.

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Ensuring that Staff are Aware of Fire Procedures – Making sure that people are safe is the number one priority so there should be procedures in place for staff to follow if a fire were to break out. Fire safety training should be given to all staff, as well as regular fire drills to ensure that they are aware of what to do.

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