Understanding the importance of good PR for food and drink brands

The food and drink industry is a very crowded market and now more than ever, brands are seeking out companies to help maintain their public relations.

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But why is food PR so important and what can it do for your brand?

Makes you visible

It may seem obvious but the fact is that nobody can invest in your brand if they don’t know it exists. Through clever marketing strategies and engagement, PR companies can make you visible and get you noticed by consumers and retailers alike. By creating a buzz around your brand, it’s possible that retailers will be more likely to stock your products – they want to be the retailer that can provide new and exciting products to the masses. So good PR won’t just let people know you exist; it can also quite possibly lead to you being physically seen on supermarket shelves.

Tells the story

Business owners are often preoccupied with creating their products and growing their business. They don’t have time for the narrative and storytelling that is crucial to building the personality of a brand. Food PR can help give consumers a clear picture about your history, your values and your objectives. It’s not just about promoting the product for sales but letting the public know what you’re all about. Whether that’s the health benefits of a product or the ethical stance that your company takes…good PR can convey this in creative ways that will engage consumers and give unique personality to the brand.

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Enhances credibility

PR teams are experienced in promotion and persuasion. food PR is all about convincing consumers that your product really is the best one out there. Saying it is one thing, but persuading people to believe it is another. Creative content, news stories and marketing ploys are all techniques used to enhance credibility in a product and prove to consumers that it really is worth trying.

Connections and networking

In the food and drink industry, the opinions of food critics and bloggers are hugely relevant. A good PR company can put you in touch with this sort of people and, providing your product is indeed up to scratch, this could be a great way of promoting your product and getting positive feedback from people whose opinions really matter in the industry.

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