Enhance your management skills to get the most performance

Apart from all the technical expertise to develop your professional little they will serve if not accompanied managerial skills that help us to be credible and be able to lead a team towards this target from the start activity. Skills such as leadership, image or teamwork can make a difference and make entire company rims in one direction.

Types of skills

Before starting with the keys to enhancing your skills it is good to know in which directions you can work:

  • Technical skills: Use the tools and instruments needed to organize work, plan and submit proposals.
  • Human skills: Know interact and empathize with your team.
  • Conceptual skills: Create and develop ideas, solve problems…

Enhance your management skills to get the most performanceWays to boost your strong skills

1- All thought must be strategic : Always before you start a project with the right questions have to be: what are the objectives, competitive advantages, delivery times … all must follow guidelines to not end up working haphazardly.

2- Destroy all that is the absence of goals, lack of information, lack of interest, paralysis excess information, and insight or follow the majority.

3- Following a productive “funnel” for decision-making:

  • Uptake Analysis Information… Build a posture without rushing …… orderly decision

4- Knowing your personal limits set and most of all respect: It should be self deadlines required to advance properly. The fact of having to comply with ourselves has to be reason enough to do his best.

5- Learn to delegate an organized way: Not worth only make “dealer” and distribute tasks to gulp the table. The workload for each person, stimulation equipment to meet and subsequent supervision must also be strategic and have a sense seen from outside. You have to give an image of control and order.

6- Steal time to analyze your ecosystem routine work in the distance and see that you can optimize. The gain perspective helps a lot to get back force in the right direction.

7- Find your “midpoint” Performance: You have two traps that you should not miss show because you go hunting fast:

  • About excitement: The desire we have to feel productive or lack of organization can lead to this, and sustained us will wear much in the medium term.
  • Sloppiness: You can now be lack of interest or because the ego is up to us, at any rate, it is a bad companion for the way we want to go.

8- Getting creates effective habits in 3 steps:

  • Raise them one by one.
  • That is measurable and tangible changes.
  • Repeat it with maximum intensity for 21 days.

9- Get positivism and motivation to communicate your closest people in order to build a solid image and to invite your team humble and honest way to improve.

10- Be generous with other people and unrelenting effort with “vague”: cannot miss the opportunity to reward people engaged tackles and berate those who do not show a shred of interest in the common good.

All these practices can help get your best version as long as there is a real desire to improve and that we can be proud of the work done at the end of the day, that’s the best feeling and compensates everything so we had to pass.

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