4 great challenges of a novice entrepreneur

If we think of the figure of a first -time entrepreneur, as I was a while ago, we can realize that combine two factors very interesting, one of course is the lack of experience makes him vulnerable to a whole range of things that then I will detail in the 5 major challenges, and the other is an explosive cocktail of power, desire to demonstrate, enthusiasm, passion and boundless energy that envelops everything.

You could say that one is compensated by the other, I describe some rhetorical questions:

– Can the illusion of a first entrepreneurial challenge “set out” difficult it may seem?

– Can you give energy to lift several times when mistake due to lack of experience?

– Can the passion of a novice entrepreneur help overcome all the setbacks that are on the way?

4 great challenges of a novice entrepreneurInstead when we have fought some battles, we undertake a more orderly way and saved the stumbling with some already known stones but we live with the same energy that moves mountains that a novice entrepreneur? This is a nice paradox that does nothing but wise justify what nature is giving us exactly what we need to pull ahead.

The 5 big challenges of an entrepreneur firstling

There are 5 situations a novice entrepreneur has the opportunity to face well and build a good foundation for your business:

1- Establish a solid and enduring pact partners: Find a good partner is one of the most complicated tasks and where many people fail. At this point there are a number of points that we must be careful. It does not mean to go wrong insurance but statistics…:

– Let your partner have the same skills you (looking complementarily).

– That you are in unequal situations: involvement, different range of benefits…

– Not having spoken a possible exit from one of the partners.

2- Have clear why it is undertaken: There are very bad reasons to undertake: because I want to relax my schedule, because I hate my boss, because I’m unemployed and need to do something … There is a very useful theory to reflect on it called “the golden circle” made by Simon Sinek. The key is, why embark? That should be the first question ahead of many others.

3- Knowing how to handle some critical points: These points will be summarized in two major fronts:

– The environment: No matter what you set out and where you live. More than two people in your environment you will say “do not do it , find a job.” To combat this we must be prepared because the first time collides a bit.

– Uncertainty: No matter how good you do your “business plan” do not know how you will go. You can stand it? Because it is better not desperadoes yes because that doubt in a while.

4- Working conscientiously “value proposition”: Apart from knowing why the entrepreneur is undertaken will have to draw a few more issues such as the type of customer, what need cover (for which the customer is willing to pay) what makes you different from your competitors. Here rather it will answer the “what” and “how” of the business.

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