Incentive Marketing: Keys to launch an effective campaign

Currently, many companies try to launch promotional campaigns with the firm intention to attract customers. The supports are often the same: Google campaigns, social networking and email marketing mainly. This makes the margins are reduced and more complicated amortize start-up costs (design, strategy …) and increase the customer base profitably.

In this situation, marketers must focus on mechanisms to “encourage” these campaigns, and increase the% conversion. A reliable option is to choose to use certain incentives to reward the procurement of goods and services. To this is called incentive marketing, give to new customers with hotel vouchers, airline tickets or tickets for the theater among other possible examples.

Incentive Marketing Keys to launch an effective campaignThese bonuses or incentives can sometimes make the difference with competitors that offer similar products or services.

The keys to launch marketing campaign effective incentives

As a marketing strategy, in this case, it does not only need to have a good incentive but need to score some keys to make this campaign a real success:

1- Creative Design: the visual part is very important. Whether it’s a banner on a web or email you must enter the eye and get a positive first impression by the potential customer. The part of the incentive should be clearly on one side of the screen but without taking too much prominence to the main product or service.

2- The incentive should fit with the type of customer: when there is plenty of incentive products is chosen, therefore, there is the opportunity to choose consciously. If a young audience a hotel voucher can be a good choice, however, for more senior customers, a cruise can be decisive for impulse sales campaign.

3- Give all possible information: As all information on the core product, the incentive must also give the user the opportunity to click on a tab or pop to really see what is given is the gift in question and see how attractive it can be for him.

4- Meet the customer: Some companies make the mistake of making the customer wait or give it only if claims. The best way is to develop a automating so that when the purchase or objective raised in the campaign is done, is directly sent an acknowledgment by email with instructions for use of the incentive system. Thus the company gains credibility and is a first action Loyalty thinking about future purchases.

5- Try to get feedback: once the campaign, you can schedule an email in order to know the level of customer satisfaction they hired and incidentally know if they used the bonus or incentive, if so, to know how it was the experience. This information is very valuable for future campaigns. It is with this in hand when they can make changes that make sense and help increase the% conversion and% of satisfied customers.

As can be seen the introduction of incentives in certain marketing campaigns can increase the chances of success and not too complicated its proper implementation.

Do you think a good deed the possibility of introducing incentives to a marketing campaign?

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