Online Advertising, How to make an intelligent and profitable investment.

There are many options to invest the money from our advertising campaigns on the internet, the problem that arises is how we invest it, where? The options that are presented to us are of all kinds, from the search engines where we pay only for the clicks we receive with contextual advertising, presence in different relevant portals with campaigns at CPM (cost per thousand impressions) CPA or CPL (cost per acquisition or registration) or CPC (cost per click) and then we have the Optin tool (e-malings) that is increasingly used to get our services to users.

So far everything is perfect, but of course when we consider that our message reaches our potential client directly, that is when we must take advantage of the potential that the internet has today and that is called “SEGMENTATION” today possible in all search engines with contextual advertising, so far the most profitable and economic advertising, where they can be from a large advertiser to the smallest, and if a correct selection of the search criteria is made and the product is “salable” with total security we will obtain results.
But of course, we reach a point where we want to further refine the advertising of our products or services, and also if we have exhausted our investment in search engines and on the other hand we do not want to rotate by all means in search of a possible client, it is there where they enter the large portals that give the option to segment your advertising or your ads, in this case I Agustín Manson, as head of online advertising for Infoempleo I see in this type of advertising an infinitely more profitable way since we will advertise only where we are interested.
Of course, the conversion ratios improve considerably to a general rotation, we will pay a little more CPM but it will be a much more profitable investment. E-mail marketing is a very powerful tool, especially when this e-mail can be segmented with different parameters such as gender, age, province, training, income, etc. Here we can offer the user what interests him, and in this way we save money and do not bore users with shipments that are not going to interest and go directly to the bin.
Online advertising still has a long way to go, it’s just beginning, it’s just that advertisers are going to be encouraged, and above all that they trust that the Internet can measure the investment, there are hundreds of tools that measure from the impressions, clicks, purchases, etc., with which there is no other advertising medium than as much option of analysis of profitability as the Internet, only It is a matter of time before all the great advertisers enter this world. But the most interesting thing is that it is a place open to all, without needing to be a great advertiser to be able to be in this wonderful world of Internet and its publicity.

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