A Metal that has been used throughout history

When our ancient ancestors heard about bronze, it was a wonderful day for the human race. You can’t just dig up bronze, you have to make it by combining many metals such as tin and copper together, melting them and mixing them together. Also added is a nice drop of Arsenic, if they had any to make it even stronger.

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Our ancestors figured out how to make an alloy. We’re not sure why they thought it was a good idea to do this but they did a good job. In terms of what they could do for construction materials, eating utensils, arms and armour, jewellery plus sculpture, it opened up a whole new world of possibilities. It has allowed us to develop machines like Euromac Bending Machines that you can find from Cotswold Machinery Sales that will bend this metal and many others into all sorts of shapes.



For the first people to use this new content, we can only imagine how thrilling it must have been. They had to feel like they were willing to do something and make something new.

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Bronze can be poured into the mould and then cooled in water until it is melted. They made large moulds of stone or clay to pour the bronze into for first civilisations to work with Bronze.


For their warriors, this must have been an exciting moment. Stone was still used for weapons such as clubs and axe heads until this point. Instead of being bent under a good strike, this new metal meant no more tin swords that bent and armour that could actually defect hits. The arrow head was the real advantage. They may be lighter than a stone head and get more speed and penetration. This meant that it was simpler to hunt for meat, so there was a rise in the consumption of this food.

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