What can be cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner?

Ultrasonic cleaners use high frequency sound waves transmitted through liquid. This causes microscopic bubbles to form in the liquid which implode with enough force to effectively dislodge dirt and grime. Ultrasonic cleaning is used to remove dust, dirt, grease, pigments or polishing compounds. It’s ideal for targeting small or complex items and its non destructive nature renders it flexible as to the materials it can effectively clean.
Ultrasonic cleaning at home

Consumer units are typically used for cleaning jewellery, tools and baby equipment, but they can even be used on clothing. They are usually compact but have a small capacity, making them suitable for cleaning small items. They are ideal for cleaning metal and plastics but very delicate jewellery and gemstones could be harmed by an ultrasonic cleaner, so it’s best to avoid using it on these. You can find out more about how they work here:

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Industrial ultrasonic cleaning

On a larger scale, ultrasonic cleaning is used in sporting, marine and pharmaceutical applications to clean large or intricate items and parts. A large ultrasonic cleaner such as those at hilsonic.co.uk may be used for anything from engines to motherboards. More compact models may be used to clean surgical instruments, food items or tools. The industrial uses for ultrasonic cleaning are varied and businesses with a high use may benefit from a dedicated unit.

For smaller use or one-off cleaning, it is possible to hire an ultrasonic cleaner for short periods or even have items cleaned off-site. This may be suitable for home users wanting items cleaned infrequently or businesses that need items cleaned only occasionally. It’s possible to rent large or small cleaners, depending on whether you need to clean large items such as car parts, or smaller items such as jewellery and electronics.

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It’s always wise to check whether the item is suitable for cleaning with an ultrasonic cleaning unit. Whilst this method is suitable for many materials, some delicate items may find the ultrasonic waves too harsh and suffer damage. When hiring a cleaner, it is your responsibility to check this information.

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